Friday, May 2, 2014

8 Ways to Make Sure Your Mother Really Appreciates Afternoon Naptime

Do these things in this order starting at 10 AM:

1) Wet yourself in the backyard in your pants and on your boots. Make sure you don't even ask to go to the bathroom before doing so.

2) Stick your nose in front of the baby swing and get blood all over your mother's jacket. Make sure you were not listening to her repeated warnings to watch out for the swing.

3) Scream like a girl every time your mother tells you "no" all morning.

4) Wet yourself right outside the bathroom all over the floor while your mother is taking a rare bathroom break. Make sure you did not even ask to go to the bathroom before doing so.

5) When you wet yourself, make sure the 18 month old is running towards the bathroom and slips on the wet floor, getting all "wet".

6) If you are 18 months old, and your mother strips you down to clean you up, and has you wait in the bathtub so she can clean the huge puddle off the floor, take off that poopy diaper. Stick your hands in it. Rub it on your belly. Yeah, like that...

7) Run around in the hallway laughing while your mom is putting the 18 month old down for a nap.

8) Stay in your room all of nap/quiet time, fearing her wrath. Please?

And because I just saw this new link up, I am pretty sure this qualifies for it:

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  1. Been there. Lol. Praying you had a better afternoon.

  2. Potty training is the WORST! Hoping things go more smoothly tomorrow. :)

    1. The sad thing is that the one having accidents is potty trained... But it is funny now anyway... :)


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