Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Princess and Dragon Music

We listen to classical music fairly often in our family, the kids usually ask for "music with words", but today something different occurred.

In the car I turned on the classical station music and L (2.5) immediately requested as usual her favorite song (on a CD which is perpetually in the car). G (4) said, "NO! This is princess music! This is the dragon part!" As the music changed, she interpreted the parts to be sad or happy, or about various other characters such as step-mothers, wolves, princes, princesses, etc. When a new song came on she still explained what was happening in terms of the princess world.

I have a feeling that the girls are going to be more open to listening to the classical station than they have been, and I am a little bit impressed with G's ability to interpret the music into stories and emotions. Now, if they would only go to sleep for me while M is teaching tonight...

1 comment:

  1. Your girls' creativity never ceases to amaze/impress me! :)


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