Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hand Painted Bible People and Saints!

Last week was birthday week for half of this household. We also had visitors all week. So, maybe that is why I have not posted for two weeks? Anyway, I have been really excited to show online what I made for G. and her cousin who is my Goddaughter for their birthdays (which are three days apart).  They both turned three. I first got this idea a couple of years ago. The idea comes from this blog post. The story goes back to G. loving to listen to these Bible stories and then act them out. I decided to make her Bible characters and saint dolls to act out the stories and play with. My niece got her own set which I forgot to photograph.

These are all painted with acrylic paint and finished with a spray finish that claims to be non toxic when dry. 

 I went to Jo Ann's and discovered that they have an awesome variety of wooden boxes with latches. Then I glued the felt in as lining to protect the dolls from the unfinished wood. I was thinking G. would want to paint the box herself, but so far she is happy with it unpainted.


  1. Time to open an Etsy store! :-D They look great!

  2. Ugh... These took all my free time for two weeks... Not worth the money. But if you want a St. Lucia with eyes and all I will make you one for free next time I do them. ( is there a St. Hans? or should I do Han Solo?)

  3. So, I'm thinking of doing something similar for Lucia for Christmas and remembered that you blogged about this a while back. I'm still impressed :) Also -- the little guy in yellow in the back row looks like Pope Benedict :) Any tips?

    1. This is where I bought the doll bases: http://www.achildsdream.com/doll_making/doll_bases_and_beads.htm

      Get little brushed for the details. I think I used toothpicks to make facial features. There may be paint pens that would work for this also.

      I guess the scribe that boy Jesus spoke with in the temple could pass for the pope. :)


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